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With a subsidy report we create insight in your company’s subsidy options in the Netherlands.

Subsidy report

With a subsidy report we create insight in your company’s subsidy options in the Netherlands. Regional, national and international authorities provide financial support in the form of subsidies, grants and fiscal means, for certain investments, activities or projects. However, it is not always easy to find out whether a company is entitled to financial assistance. The Netherlands has many different kinds of subsidies, which are constantly subject to change. Furthermore, authorities are reluctant to provide information, making it difficult to determine what you are entitled to. The subsidy report maps your options for subsidy through an interactive question-and-answer-game.

Clear report with concrete proposals

The subsidy report shows which subsidies your company can apply for in the Netherlands. Activities within an organization are often not recognized as a seperate project. That is why these activities do not qualify for financial support, unless you pour them into the right mold. At Van Eert Accountants & Advisers we prepare your organization for subsidy based on the results of the scan, and provide you with professional guidance.

The subsidy application

As soon as we know which subsidies you qualify for and we have made your company subsidy-ready, we will focus on the subsidy application. Applying for subsidies can be quite difficult. At Van Eert Accountants & Advisers we know how to apply and set up a project description. We know the subsidy process well and would like to help you navigate through the application process successfully.

Interested in a subsidy scan?

At the moment, the subsidy scan is exclusively available to our clients with no extra costs. If you are not a client yet, but you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us.