A different audit approach

A statutory audit is a mandatory audit on the annual accounts according to regulations as set in the Netherlands.

Statutory audit

A statutory audit is a mandatory audit on the annual accounts according to regulations as set in the Netherlands. At Van Eert Accountants & Advisers we prepare the statutory audits for medium and large sized companies, as well as the voluntary audits for small companies. Our audit results in an auditor’s report. The findings will be discussed with you, and we will provide practical advices accordingly, such as possibilities to improve your liquidities, return improvement, organisational changes, and a better control over your business and of course tax considerations.

When is a statutory audit mandatory?

If a company meets certain criteria, it is required to have an audit performed by an audit firm with an AFM licence. Van Eert Accountants & Advisers has this AFM licence and will happily perform the audit for you. Does your company meet two out of the three criteria mentioned below, for two subsequent financial years? Then your company is required to be audited.

  • You employ 50 or more people on average
  • Your total assets exceed 6 million euros
  • Your annual turnover exceeds 12 million euros after taxes

A statutory audit is always valuable

Although an audit is not required for companies that meet fewer than two of the criteria mentioned above, an audit can be very valuable for these companies as well. Your company’s functioning will be thoroughly examined by our accountants, resulting in potential points of improvements for your company.

Headquarters outside the Netherlands

As former Big four auditors, we can say we perform audits for a smaller price than the Big four firms; the four largest professional services networks in the world. Our international clients see us as a trustful link between their headquarters located in another country, and their local subsidiary in Eindhoven. For example, from Shanghai HQ to Eindhoven Subsidiary, from Wisconsin HQ to Eindhoven Sub, from Krakow to Eindhoven, and so on. The headquarter management can rely on an internationally experienced auditor with Van Eert.

An independent point of view

Being independent and impartial is essential during certification tasks. The professional body for accountants in the Netherlands, the NBA, has issued regulations based on laws as set in the Netherlands and based on European Union regulations. All the rules and regulations demand independency and impartiality.


Our Audit team is specialized in performing statutory audits and has experience in a wide variety of sectors. Our customer base is broad and consists of, for example, companies in the field of wholesale (motor cars, tyres, glass, paint, high tech, furniture), manufacturing companies (high tech, packaging machines), e-publishers, authorised insurance brokers, companies in the business services sector and non-profit organisations. Are you required to perform an audit, or are you not required to, but expect an audit could be valuable for your company? Van Eert Accountants & Advisers would be happy to help you. Feel free to contact us for additional information.